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A Typical Morning Session

On arrival a member of staff will always greet you and your child at the door. You are asked to hang their coat, boots and changing bags on their named peg in the messy room.

You will also find the parents noticeboard next to the kitchen please feel free to look at the notices.


The day starts with free play whilst we wait for everyone to arrive.

9.45- 10.45

The children are provided with a variety of activities to explore, some of these are adult led and others allow the children to move freely around the room making choices. The range of activities includes imaginative play, dressing up, puppets, looking at books, construction toys, small world toys, art and craft, play dough, sand, water, puzzles and table top toys. The children also have access to a listening centre and computers on which the children can use simple programs.

Older children are offered more structured activities to introduce them to areas of learning. These may involve letter and number recognition, name building and simple reading and writing skills.

10.45 Tidy Up Time and Snack


Children are encouraged to find their name card on the snack table. Staff members sit with the children during snack time and encourage conversation amongst the children. Snacks offered to the children are always healthy and include a variety of fruit and vegetables as well as breadsticks, crackers or cheese. We offer milk or water to drink and we encourage the children to develop their skills by giving them the opportunity to pour their own drinks.

Children are also asked to bring a named beaker of water or juice to Nursery from home, they can then have access to this drink whenever they want throughout the session.

11.00 Circle Time

This is a time for nursery rhymes, songs and poems, the children can also use musical instruments or props.

11.15 Outdoor Activities

Weather permitting we take the children outside to play. We have a variety of climbing frames, slides, ride-ons, rockers and a trampoline.

We do ask you to provide your child with named wellies for outdoor play.

11.45 Story Time

The children listen to a story before going home.

12.00 Home Time

Children are only dismissed to their parent or carer.

If your child is going home with someone other than is normal we ask that you let us know in advance.

Afternoon Sessions

A similar routine is followed in the afternoon however we introduce the children to larger numbers and early phonics through play and games. The outside activity involves setting simple tasks, which start to practise basic skills of throwing, catching, bouncing and batting.